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Lifespan SBEM Benefits

Developed by Chartered Building Surveyors, Lifespan SBEM software has been designed for professional and technical surveyors. Over the last 20 years the company ethos has been to design and develop software around the surveyor.

Lifespan SBEM is a simple to install web based package. Online access is instant and there is no need to download any software or updates onto your computer.

The software will automatically update whatever the operating system of your computer and centralising the software and calculation online provides an opportunity to reduce the initial set up cost and more importantly you don’t have to pay a license fee.

Why choose Lifespan SBEM:

  • Government approved software provider
  • Generates Energy Performance Certificates
  • Instant lodgement via Lifespan-SBEM interface
  • Preferred training software for the RICS
  • Designed for the surveyor/energy assessor
  • Quick, reliable inputting tool
  • Cross platform compatible (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • No installation necessary - 100% web based
  • Always running the latest version - no need to plan downtime for complicated upgrades
  • Data stored securely on our web-servers - eliminates need for backups
  • Highly competitive pay-as-you-go charges
  • Full on-line and telephone software support available
  • On-line User Manual

For more information please contact us on 0161 727 4362 or email

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